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You Can HELPSudan!!!!!!!

We hear so much about Sudan on the news today, and we are flooded with photos of emaciated babies and their aids-infected mothers......  It's kind of sad how Africa is portrayed to us by the media in the west.  It's all we really have of that distant land for those of us who have never been there.  So, I think this is a good start for people who want to help but don't know how.  Here is an opportunity!

go here to learn how to donate now:

All donationas are tax deductable - you get to tell the government what to do with a portion of your tax dollars.
  • $5 will buy one book for a student
  • $30 will buy one student’s books for one school year
  • $300 will buy books for one class in one grade-level
  • $1,500 will buy books for students in one entire grade-level
  • $100 will pay a teacher’s living expenses for one month
  • $1,200 will pay a teacher’s living expenses for one year

HELPSudan is an organization founded by Lost Boys from Bor, Sudan who now live in Chicago. The initial mission of HELPSudan is to start new schools in Southern Sudan, providing pencils and notebooks for hands that might have taken up arms, and an education for minds that once only understood war.

The Lost Boys of Sudan formed this organization to restore the dignity and hope of their people still living in and returning to the Bor Region of southern Sudan. We want to raise awareness in US regarding Bor, and other regions in southern Sudan currently underserved by other international aid efforts. We are also raising funds for the purpose of starting more schools in Bor, Sudan. In the future we also plan to expand into redevelopment projects of key infrastructure elements in southern Sudan, such as health-care, water treatment, etc.
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