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Вечеринка ретро. Хиты 80х. Киев [27 Nov 2010|10:44am]
Песни 80-х для корпоратива Киев
066 087 8294 - песни 80х в исполнении ВИА для вечеринок и праздников. Киев. Звоните хоть сегодня!

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looking for fundraisers, Partnership or volunteers to help an Orphanage in Africa [16 Jul 2010|01:25pm]


Hey all,

Am glad that such a link exists.  I am developing a project to build an orphanage cum educational center for orphaned children and abused girls in Kenya.  I and some other volunteers have registered a non-profit in Kenya and done the logistics of this project.  We however need more support, and welcome new partners and volunteers to this exciting and rewarding venture.  Please visit our webiste
http://www.orphansupportkenya.org/  for more information.  You may get in touch with me on muriungi2001@gmail.com if you are interested in being part of this dream. You are all welcome! And thank you for thinking about the orphans in Africa!
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Вечеринки стиляг [27 Apr 2010|04:48am]

вечеринка стиляг


Вечеринки в стиле 50-х
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For a Teaching Forum [24 Apr 2010|04:35pm]

I am going to be starting up a teaching website and forum soon. I hope it'll help lots of teachers. The problem is, it will cost me about $300 Australian to set up, and that's not even including promotions or later software updates. I would like to be able to make a little money off of this, or at least break even. I doubt ads are going to cut it. I'd need about 80 cents a day to be able to do it. I'd love some sort of sponsors, perhaps $5 each for 3 months (approximately a school term), on a rotational ad system plus listed somewhere prominently in the forums/on the website.
I'd love to do some actual fundraising. What could I do that would actually work, to help offset these costs? At the moment I don't know if I could ask people to pay a membership fee.
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Rutgers Global Medical Brigades [02 Feb 2010|12:57am]

This March, I will be joining a group of dedicated students and medical professionals on a trip to Panama to conduct a "medical brigade." We will treat more than 1,500 patients in communities without access to health care otherwise. Our group will function like a mobile medical unit, setting up small clinics to diagnose and treat patients at no cost. From in-take to triage, and medical consultations to filling the prescriptions, I will have experienced the many realms of the medical profession under the guidance of successful, practicing doctors.

I need your help to make this trip a success!

Please sponsor us by donating ANY amount to help create permanent health care clinics in the underprivileged villages of Panama. The money will pay for everything from building the clinic to supplying the over-the-counter and prescription medications.

All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!


Thank you so much for your support!
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You Can HELPSudan!!!!!!! [06 Feb 2009|04:51pm]



We hear so much about Sudan on the news today, and we are flooded with photos of emaciated babies and their aids-infected mothers......  It's kind of sad how Africa is portrayed to us by the media in the west.  It's all we really have of that distant land for those of us who have never been there.  So, I think this is a good start for people who want to help but don't know how.  Here is an opportunity!

go here to learn how to donate now:    http://www.helpsudaninternational.org/donate.html

All donationas are tax deductable - you get to tell the government what to do with a portion of your tax dollars.
  • $5 will buy one book for a student
  • $30 will buy one student’s books for one school year
  • $300 will buy books for one class in one grade-level
  • $1,500 will buy books for students in one entire grade-level
  • $100 will pay a teacher’s living expenses for one month
  • $1,200 will pay a teacher’s living expenses for one year


HELPSudan is an organization founded by Lost Boys from Bor, Sudan who now live in Chicago. The initial mission of HELPSudan is to start new schools in Southern Sudan, providing pencils and notebooks for hands that might have taken up arms, and an education for minds that once only understood war.

The Lost Boys of Sudan formed this organization to restore the dignity and hope of their people still living in and returning to the Bor Region of southern Sudan. We want to raise awareness in US regarding Bor, and other regions in southern Sudan currently underserved by other international aid efforts. We are also raising funds for the purpose of starting more schools in Bor, Sudan. In the future we also plan to expand into redevelopment projects of key infrastructure elements in southern Sudan, such as health-care, water treatment, etc.
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fundraising! [28 Jan 2009|04:29pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

hi, we're a group fundraising to take part in voluntary research projects overseas with Operation Wallacea. I wondered if anyone had any ideas for events, or recommend some good websites for us? We're students, so anything we do has got to be on the cheap!
Has anyone done anything thats been very successful for them?

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fundrasing [23 Jan 2009|09:58pm]
 i am a fundraiser from germany. here we are very interested in the fundrasing methods you use.In the US you seem to have a very good culture of fundraising. We also recognized Obamas fundraising sucess. Especially the online fundrasing campaign was a total breaktrough. I posted about this on my site http://www.online-fundraising.org
Our politicians try to use online-fundrasing too. But we will see ; )

Best wishes Thilo
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Shout out to people that care about the homeless! [07 Jan 2009|10:51am]

This year, my church, the First Metropolitan Community Church of Wichita, KS is hosting the homeless overflow shelter from February to March.  We will do this this winter season.  I am raising money for this project by selling items made out of duct tape.  I will be posting pictures here soon!

For others that want to do fund-raising, I am willing to work with you.  Right now, all I am working on is duct tape wallets.  I am willing to sell it to you low so you can sell it at whatever price you want.  It is a great fund-raising project.  I have sold many wallets and I just started last month.  I have made over a hundred dollars already!

I also work in between but I have decided to put all my efforts on this.  So if anybody is interested in changing the world using duct tape, join me and drop me a note!
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Something Different For Christmas [01 Dec 2008|01:43pm]


Want to do something different for Christmas? Go through this site, and donate money to different causes.
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Fundraising For A Friend [24 Nov 2008|01:31pm]

I want to fundraise to help a friend pay for student fees so that he can come to Australia on a Student Visa. He's made a life here on the visas he's had, but now he has to leave, and unless he can find a job that is willing to sponsor him (which he's tried desperately to do for a year), a student visa is his only option.

It's expensive. $35,000 a year for a phd student. I wouldn't expect a fundraiser to get all of that money in one go, but has anyone got any ideas for things I and we could do?

http://bringinghimback.blogspot.com/ Here's my blog about it so far.
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Child's Play Charity [07 Nov 2008|01:27pm]


A few years ago, I became interested in a charity called Child's Play. The charity was set up by the online comic about games and gamers known as Penny Arcade. Maybe some of you have heard of it. The charity was created as a direct result of people like Jack Thompson insisting that ALL gamers are murderers in the making. Our response? Over two million dollars raised since 2003.

The way Child's Play works is the charity has a network of over 45 hospitals set up all over the world, and new hospitals are being added every year. The charity sets up Amazon wishlists for the hospital that includes games, toys, and books - all ranging between less than $5 to $400 (for consols like X-Box 360s and PS3s). Gamers can choose a hospital of their choice and pick one or more items to purchase for that particular hospital. Amazon will then ship the item(s) directly to that hospital. Easy as cake!

If you can't decide which hospital to choose, you can donate money directly to Child's Play's paypal account, or you can send money to the address on the Child's Play's homepage.

All the toys, games, and consols stay with the hospital so that all kids have a chance to play during their hospital stay. Instead of being bored and constantly reminded of their illness, children can play on a DS or PSP in their bed; they can play multiplayer games with other sick kids on the X-BOX 360 you provided for them. They can read books, play with dolls, and forget about their troubles for at least a little while.

Best of all, YOU get the gratification that you're doing something to make a difference in these children's lives. They may not know you by name, but your contribution - whether it be $1 towards a Child's Play fundraiser, the new DS system you picked out, or a $10 game - will create a little bit of happiness during their trying times.

Above, you are seeing a little widget for donations. My personal goal is to raise $500 for Child's Play. By clicking "ChipIn!" you will be redirected to a paypal page that will send money DIRECTLY to the Child's Play paypal account. I know it says my email address, but I promise you that the money will go directly to Child's Play.

Please help out any way you can. Even if it's just $1, every little bit makes a difference.
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Help with event ideas please??? [13 Oct 2008|02:26pm]

My family and I are having a bowl-a-thon for my uncle who has malignant malanoma stage 4 cancer. We have a bowl-a-thon all set up but we need some ideas of stuff to do at the bowl-a-thon.  We are going to do a 50/50 drawing and some people have already offered to donate some things. What else could we do to raise money while at the party? If anyone could please give me some ideas it would truly be appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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Hi =] [29 Jun 2008|09:02am]

[ mood | hopeful ]


I just joined this group and Im hoping that you might be some help. Next summer (June 2009) I will be going to India with a volunteer group called Cross Cultural Solutions to a rural town in Dharamsala. Even though its a volunteer group the volunteers are required to pay their way there. Im only 17 and I start my job in August, but Ill need other ways to raise money ten just working at minimum wage. The trip in total is going to come to about $6000 (in US money). I just wanted to know if anyone could give me some tips or hints and ideas on fundraising. Your help is so appreciated!!! Thanks!

----- Tia

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[28 Jun 2008|10:41pm]

I have a great friend who not only herself but relatives are suffering from PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease). She suggests that if you are not able to walk with her on her team in Neshaminy State Park, Bensalem, PA, on September 20th, that you please donate whatever money you can give to her team.

Not only would I like to spread the awareness, but I'd like to help find a cure! This is my way of giving back to not only my friend, but to help her and millions of others rid of this awful disease!

Keeping in mind that 85 cents of every dollar donated will be donated to the PKD Foundation.

If you would like to donate to the PKD team, please follow this link:
http://walk. pkdcure. org/site/TR/Events/PhiladelphiaChapter?px=1554566&pg=personal&fr_id=1846

It would be very much appreciated.
Thank you. :)
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fellowship/grant question [22 Jun 2008|02:32am]

has anyone here ever got an art grant/fellowship...if you did how much was it and how hard was it to get.

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Online Auctions [31 Mar 2008|04:24pm]

Hello everybody,
Has anyone used an online auction company? I've found a couple, cmarket, and readysetbid, but I'm having a hard time finding industry reviews. I am interested in something like this for an online auction component of an existing silent auction.
Thanks for any reviews or suggestions to find out more information!
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A New Fundraising Idea [05 Mar 2008|10:05am]

Hey everyone -

I work for a company called Picateers, and we offer a portrait fundraising program for schools, churches, sports teams, non-profits, etc. How it works is that a volunteer photographer takes digital pictures of your group and sends them to us. We do the rest of the work, process all the orders, and give you 50% cash back from any purchases.

I know there are a lot of fundraising programs and companies out there bidding for your time and attention, but hopefully our program can help out some of you who are looking for an easy way to raise money for your school or organization.

Check out our portrait program: www.picateers.com

We've also started a blog with more fundraising ideas and tips, so if you're looking for more references in this industry, check out our blog:

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hello everyone [24 Feb 2008|12:18pm]

I'm on the fundraising committee of the non-profit Brattle theater. We recently completed a successful 2 year fundraising campaign that allowed us to renew our lease, but we now need to really solidify our memberships and community outreach programs so that we will never be in danger of closing again.

One thing that I've been particularly excited about is our goodsearch page. However, it has rarely been used and I'd love ideas, suggestions, etc. on how to really get the word about about this. The logo is on our main page, but people just don't seem to be using it as much as I hoped.

Any ideas for this or other fundraising ideas (I'm very new at this) would be greatly appreciated.
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Jobs [14 Feb 2008|01:01pm]

Hi folks!

Come June, I'll be graduating from a university in Chicago with a BFA in Theatre Management. This degree title is a bit of a misnomer; the "Fine Arts" part came from the fact that I took a lot of classes on playwriting and dramaturgy, but essentially I'm coming out with training in how to manage a nonprofit. I've done 4 internships - 1 at an opera, 2 at theatres, and 1 at a humanities festival - in the time that I've been in school, and all but 1 was in development, so I'm really looking to land a devo job at any sort of nonprofit out of school. I've done a ton of grant writing and corporate work, so I think I could use that to get my foot in the door at any sort of nonprofit, arts or otherwise.

As is the custom, I'm starting to freak out about finding a job. I'm not tied down to the Chicago area, and I've been seriously considering moving. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, but not really interested in moving back there; I would love to be in PA somewhere, but I've visited Philly a few times and can't get with it. I'm finding that a lot of places that I'm interested in have tons of devo opportunities but also have a cost of living that is way too high for an entry-level nonprofit salary (i.e. Boston, DC, NYC basically anywhere in CA). I've done a lot of research into Minneapolis but frankly I'm so sick of awful winters that going from Chicago to Minnesota does not seem like a smart idea.

Any suggestions on places that have a pretty big nonprofit/devo scene that actually would allow me to make ends meet?
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