namasteanam (namasteanam) wrote in fundraisingpros,

Shout out to people that care about the homeless!

This year, my church, the First Metropolitan Community Church of Wichita, KS is hosting the homeless overflow shelter from February to March.  We will do this this winter season.  I am raising money for this project by selling items made out of duct tape.  I will be posting pictures here soon!

For others that want to do fund-raising, I am willing to work with you.  Right now, all I am working on is duct tape wallets.  I am willing to sell it to you low so you can sell it at whatever price you want.  It is a great fund-raising project.  I have sold many wallets and I just started last month.  I have made over a hundred dollars already!

I also work in between but I have decided to put all my efforts on this.  So if anybody is interested in changing the world using duct tape, join me and drop me a note!
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