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Hi folks!

Come June, I'll be graduating from a university in Chicago with a BFA in Theatre Management. This degree title is a bit of a misnomer; the "Fine Arts" part came from the fact that I took a lot of classes on playwriting and dramaturgy, but essentially I'm coming out with training in how to manage a nonprofit. I've done 4 internships - 1 at an opera, 2 at theatres, and 1 at a humanities festival - in the time that I've been in school, and all but 1 was in development, so I'm really looking to land a devo job at any sort of nonprofit out of school. I've done a ton of grant writing and corporate work, so I think I could use that to get my foot in the door at any sort of nonprofit, arts or otherwise.

As is the custom, I'm starting to freak out about finding a job. I'm not tied down to the Chicago area, and I've been seriously considering moving. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, but not really interested in moving back there; I would love to be in PA somewhere, but I've visited Philly a few times and can't get with it. I'm finding that a lot of places that I'm interested in have tons of devo opportunities but also have a cost of living that is way too high for an entry-level nonprofit salary (i.e. Boston, DC, NYC basically anywhere in CA). I've done a lot of research into Minneapolis but frankly I'm so sick of awful winters that going from Chicago to Minnesota does not seem like a smart idea.

Any suggestions on places that have a pretty big nonprofit/devo scene that actually would allow me to make ends meet?
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